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In our current culture, people are weighed down with a tremendous amount of physical and mental clutter. The excess makes us feel overwhelmed, stressed, and trapped. In Organizing Her Life, you’ll learn how to use the unique system I created: Set Goals, Purge, Conscious Placement, and Maintenance. I developed this system as a tool to help my clients organize their homes, but I found it could also be beneficial in other areas of life. These four steps will show you how to uncover your goals, eliminate what isn’t useful, consciously reorganize, and methods to maintain your progress. Tips and prompts are provided throughout the book for personal reflection and application.

As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Consultants (NAPO) since 2014, I have watched as my clients’ lives have been transformed through organization. As people let go of things they no longer needed, they felt lighter and often exclaimed, “I can breathe again!” They had more time and energy available to propel their lives in a new direction, maybe deciding to eat healthy, pursue a new career, or sell a home. I noticed that in the absence of clutter, an awareness arose. I believe that by simplifying our homes and spaces, it is easier to follow the path you desire.

I wrote Organizing Her Life to explain how I personally applied this process to my life. I arranged the book into my four-step structure, so you can see how I evaluated my life, purged the things that no longer fulfilled me, and redesigned my life. I experienced amazing results that I believe can be achieved by anyone who is ready to take the journey.

After reading this book, you will reconsider the stuff in your life, whether physical or mental, and be inspired to make a change. Start now. Don’t wait one more day to take the steps to create your perfect life.


When I started Feel Your Boobies®, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a life altering experience. I didn’t want to waste time, I wanted to provide young women with the knowledge to feel their boobies and be the first line of defense against breast cancer. Through breast cancer I found my passion and purpose. In Organizing Her Life, Laura explains how she found her passion and purpose and the obstacles that were in the way of finding true happiness. Her story will motivate you to wake up and make the changes you want in your life today.

Leigh Hurst
Founder/Executive Director
Feel Your Boobies® Foundation

ORGANIZING HER LIFE is the combination of a fun beach novel, a great how to get organized guide, and a thought-provoking follow your dreams self-help book – I loved it!  Laura humanizes organizing giving just enough information that the reader can absorb it but not so much that they get overwhelmed and bogged down.  Mixing in inspiration and her own family story that I certainly could identify with – I just couldn’t wait to read more.

Ellen Faye
Certified Organizer Coach, Certified Professional Organizer
Immediate Past President, National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals

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