She listened to my ideas

She was easy to work with,¬† made it fun and listened to my ideas and made it workūüėÄ


Dia- age 8

Judgment- Free

Laura is a miracle worker.¬† Positive, enthusiastic, judgment-free and utterly indefatigable, she imagined the streamlined, clutter-free “after” while I was wallowing in the how-did-it-EVER-get-this-way “before”–until a few hours later, I shared her vision, because it was right there before my eyes:¬† tidy, functional space, organized so logically that it has been easy to keep that way ever since.¬† Laura has helped me with my home office and basement so far- the garage is next!¬† I cannot recommend her highly enough- if you’ve got clutter or organizing issues, don’t wait- call her today!


Organizing Wizard

I want to thank organizing wizard, Laura Souders, for coming out from Middletown to organize my attic & basement storage areas.  She was so efficient, laser-focused, and had innovative & functional solutions.  I now have more usable square footage & have divested myself of just junk I had turned a blind eye to long ago.  It was truly a cathartic & educational session.  Thank you Laura of Healthier Spaces Organizing.


Natural Visionary

Laura is a natural visionary!¬† She can take one look at a room & see the untapped potential in that room!¬† Before you are know it, you are living in the room of your dreams!¬† She makes it easy!¬† She makes is fun!¬† Go for it!¬† Stop living in the clutter & chaos.¬† Make your live easier & more enjoyable with Healthier Spaces!¬† Do you wish you had a place for everything and everything was in it’s place??¬† Well, you do!!¬† You just don’t know it yet!¬† Are you tired of looking in 3-5 different places for a certain item, trying to find it??¬† Do you wish you could find things the first place you look?¬† Well..You Can!¬† All this & more with Laura Souders & Healthier Spaces!¬† Laura has helped me with 4 rooms so far.¬† I recently moved from a¬† house that I lived in for 30 years and had to figure out what to do with 30 years of clutter & memories.¬† What I could not do in a whole year…Laura helped me accomplish in just 4 hours!!¬† My rooms now have more space & organization & are more fun to live in!¬† Don’t delay!¬† Call Laura today!


Top-Notch Professional

Laura was a top-notch professional all the way through the process!  She confirmed our appointment the day before, she arrived on time, she came prepared, listened to my needs, and was encouraging and cheerful during the 4 hours we spent together organizing my home office.  I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family! A+!!


Thanks so much!

I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are! We really appreciate your advice and help for staging our house.


Truly gifted

I have used Laura Souders Services in order to get more organized.  She is truly gifted in what she does.  I have seen her at least three times, and she will be returning again next week. She comes highly recommended.

Jannette K.

Sanity Saver

Thank you Laura for helping me to find my sanity. Before you began, the disorganization in certain areas of my house was causing me a great deal of stress. When I tried to get the areas under control, I would become overwhelmed and frustrated. Working with you, not only improved the spaces, but was also a pleasure. Now it is a pleasure to enter each room and feel relaxed. I also know where every important file is…..I truly believe that Healthier Spaces does exactly that, i.e. helps bring good health into our homes and lives.

I will definitely be calling you again.


Very Free-ing

Healthier Spaces Organizing has helped me at home and at our business. I would love to say I could organize my home by myself, but I just don’t have the time (without distraction), or the attention span to stay with the task at hand. For me, this service is well worth it because Laura helps me make decisions about the “stuff” I have and why I need to keep it. This was the key for me to get organized! Getting the different areas finished always feels great and very free-ing to me!



Laura is AMAZING! She quickly accessed what she could work with and organized my areas to utmost aesthetic efficiency. She reorganized my chaos beautifully. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who needs help. She is nonjudgmental, highly energetic and delightfully encouraging!