Laura Souders

I began Healthier Spaces Organizing in 2013 because I am passionate about helping people organize to save time, money, and energy.  I focus on helping clients live healthy lifestyles by creating an organized, peaceful environment.

In addition to owning Healthier Spaces Organizing, I am a wife and mother of 3 children.   I have a busy schedule, and, like most families, I need to remain organized in order to keep up with the demands of an active lifestyle.  As a former teacher, organizing has always come naturally to me.  Although it may not come easily to others, it is an important life skill that can be practiced and taught.  To keep current with industry trends, I am a Professional Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and  have earned a Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

A unique aspect of my business is that I help clients redistribute their unneeded items by facilitating recycling and donating connections.  My husband and I recently undertook an exciting adventure:  we bought a house that was completely full and abandoned.  I gained experience and connections by clearing out the entire house, while still remaining earth friendly!  No need for new clients to have anxiety about how disorganized their space has become, the worst house I have ever seen is the one I decided to make my home.  I have the vision to see your space for what it can become.

My organizing sessions are productive, full of energy, and positive.  I help create an organized space in a non-judgmental way.  I collaborate with my clients to devise an organizational system that will fit their needs. Through the organization process, the services can even pay for themselves.  I have helped clients find uncashed checks, gift cards, and even cash.  We have set up bill paying stations, so that payments are done efficiently and late fees avoided.

Being organized also saves time and energy.  It increases efficiency and productivity.  Imagine all of your important papers being easy to locate.  At the end of our organizing sessions my clients report breathing easier,  lower levels of stress and an increased level of focus.  Organizing is a valuable investment in yourself and your business.

I can help you create an organized office, kitchen, closet, bedroom, garage, basement, home office and just about any space you need!

Need a spark?  Want to be inspired?  Contact Healthier Spaces Organizing at 717-329-9450.